Purpose       To set forth the policies and procedures on the conduct of the Inter-University Higher Education Exhibition. (IHEE)
Implementing Guidelines       1. The President on behalf of the Board selects an institution as host of the Inter-University
Higher Education Exhibition.
  2. The date, venue and the fees to be charged to participating teams are decided by the
Secretariat in consultation with the host institution.
  3. The purpose of IHEE are indicated below:
(a) International Higher Education Exhibition (IHEE) is an excellent opportunity for
AUAP prospective students, academicians and administrators to meet the AUAP member
Universities and institution representatives to discuss issues about degree programmes
and university life and obtain other information about other higher education institutions.
(b) To strengthen the relationship between AUAP and its members by promoting peace,
cultural diversities and different educational philosophies.
  4. The IHEE is conducted annually. The requirements to participate are listed below:
(a) Active or non active members are encouraged to participate in this event.
(b) Each institution sends two to three staff members to represent their university.
(c) Nominating institution must submit a brief introduction of their university.
(d) The space for the display is 2 meters x 2 meters. The following will be provided,
one (1) desk, one (1) chair and one (1) garbage can.
(e) Must pay the international and domestic air ticket, personal expenses and insurance
during their stay.
  5. Other details:
(a) Organizer: Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) and host member.
(b) Co-organizer: To be specified by AUAP and host member.
(c) Sponsor: To be invited by host member.
(d) Venue: To be announced by AUAP.
  6. Registration:
1. Fill the registration form on the AUAP website.
2. The registration deadline is to be announced by AUAP. Late registration will NOT be
3. The registration fee will cover the accommodation, meals, local transportation, tours,
pick up and send off from and to the airport.
Upcoming events
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    • Members willing to advertise their activities should submit content of one paragraph with 3-4 pictures to the Secretariat on or before 5th of each month For more information please contact email: or