Purpose       To set forth the policies and procedures on the conduct of the Inter-University Basketball Competition (IUBC).
Implementing Guidelines       1. The President on behalf of the Board selects an institution from among the members of
the association as host of the IUBC.
  2. The date, venue and the fees to be charged to participating teams are decided by the
Secretariat in consultation with the host institution.
  3. The IUBC is conducted based on the guidelines prescribed by the Secretariat for this
purpose as follows: The tournament is to promote basketball culture, enhance the level
of basketball, and promote sports exchanges by inviting high-quality college basketball
teams from member institutions to compete with host member providing the facilities.
1. Members in good standing of AUAP are encouraged to nominate their team.
2. The basic criteria to be followed are :
1. Member institution nominating their students must be
(a) an active member (i.e. has paid membership fees regularly)
(b) a new active member
(c) Each member institution can nominate one team to represent their university.
(d) Nominating institution must submit a brief introduction of each student.
(e) Submit one (1) Picture, size 2 in. X 2 in.
3. The basic requirements for students to be nominated in the team are listed below:
(a) Must pay the international and domestic air ticket, personal expenses and
insurance during their stay.
4. The hosts will cover the accommodation, meals, local transportation, tours,
pick up and send off from and to the airport.
5. Other details:
(a) Supervisor: To be specified by hosts.
(b) Organizer: Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) and
host member.
(c) Co-organizer: To be specified by AUAP and host member.
(d) Sponsor: To be invited by host member.
(e) Tournament Date: To be announced by AUAP.
(f) Venue: To be announced by AUAP. Qualifications: Officially enrolled students
from participating colleges and universities
(g) Desired number of basketball teams : to be specified
6. Registration:
1. Fill the registration form on the AUAP website.
2. The registration deadline is to be announced by AUAP. Late registration
will NOT be considered.
3. The registration fee will cover the accommodation, meals, local transportation,
tours, pick up and send off from and to the airport exclude the visa, health and
accident insurance, and personnel expenses.
4. The registration packet form shall be submitted to AUAP through email,
with the following items:
(a) registration form: completing a registration form, having the form affixed with
the official
(b) school seal, and scanning the completed form and saving it as a .jpg file;
(c) an introduction to the school, the basketball team, and key players;
(d) the school logo: .jpg file (450 dpi);
(e) the standard form of the school name: .jpg file (450 dpi);
(f) the passport of all the coaching staff and players: .jpg file (150-300 dpi);
(g) a team photo: .jpg file;
(h) All the files shall be submitted to
7. Competition Rules:
(a) The latest basketball rules approved by the local Basketball Association of the Host member will apply.
(b) Games:
1. Preliminary Round: All teams are divided into Group A and B, and a single
round-robin system on group basis will be adopted.
2. Final Round: Based on the preliminary results, the champion, 1st and 2nd
runners-up from both Group A and B compete for the 1st to 6th positions,
while the 3rd, 4th and 5th runners-up from both Group A and B compete for
the 7th to 12th positions.
3. Team Managers’ Meeting:
(a) Date: To be announced by AUAP
(b) Venue/ Location: To be announced by AUAP.
4. Awards: a trophy to each of the top three teams.
5. Supplementary Rules:
(a) Participating basketball teams will compete in this Tournament by
representing their respective colleges/ universities. The logo and
flag of participating colleges/ universities will be the symbols of
their respective basketball teams as they compete in this Tournament.
(b) visitingteams will be responsible for arranging and paying for international
travel and accidental/ medical insurance.
(c) All participating colleges/ universities will ensure the health of all the
coaching staff and players. The organizer will obtain the public
liability insurance.
(d) All participating teams will be drawn randomly into Group A or B. The team
whose name is written upper side on the schedule will wear light-colored
jerseys (e.g. white, yellow, light green, baby blue and grey), and the team
bench area is located on the left-hand side of the Scorer’s table
(facing the playing court); the team whose name is written lower side
on the schedule will wear dark-colored jerseys (e.g. red, dark blue,
green, black, orange and purple), and the team bench area is located on
the right-hand side of the Scorer’s table (facing the playing court).
Should any team be unable to wear light/ dark-colored jerseys as required,
the organizer should be notified in advance about the color of jerseys to
be used for better arrangements between two teams.
(e) The commissioner reserves the right to handle all issues during the game.
6. If there is any inadequacy in these guidelines, the organizer reserves the right to
appropriate amendments.
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