Purpose      To set forth the policies and procedures on the conduct of the Global Leadership Programme (GLP).
Implementing Guidelines       1. The President on behalf of the Board selects an institution from among the members
of the association as host of the Global Leadership Programme.
  2. The date, venue and number of participants are decided by the Secretariat based on
the recommendation of the host institution.
  3. The conduct of the GLP follows a format prescribed by the Secretariat as follows.
(a) Members in good standing of AUAP are encouraged to nominate their
(b) The basic criteria of selecting the participants are listed below:
1. Member institution nominating their students must be
(a) an active member (i.e. has paid membership fees for the last two years),
(b) or new active member,
(c) each member can nominate two students,
(d) nominating institution must submit a brief introduction of each student.
(e) submit one (1) picture, size 2 in. X 2 in for each student.
2. The Requirements for Students to be nominated by AUAP member
institution are:
(a) Bachelor or Master level,
(b) Must pay the international and domestic air ticket, personal
expenses and insurance during their stay
  4. The hosts will cover the accommodation, meals, local transportation, pick up and send
off from and to the airport.
Upcoming events
  • AUAP Upcoming Events
    • Members willing to advertise their activities should submit content of one paragraph with 3-4 pictures to the Secretariat on or before 5th of each month For more information please contact email: or