Purpose       To set forth the policies and procedures on the conduct of the Students English Speech Competition (SESC).
Implementing Guidelines       (a) The President on behalf of the Board selects an institution from among the members of the
association as host of the Students English Speech Competition.
  (b) The date, venue and number of participants are decided by the Secretariat based on the
recommendation of the host institution.
  (c) The conduct of the SESC follows a format prescribed by the Secretariat as follows:

  The contestants are required to deliver speeches in English depending on the theme given in the preliminary round. On the date scheduled, each contestant will present a five (5)-minute prepared speech. After that there will be a Question and Answer Session. In the Question and Answer Session, the contestant will answer two (2) questions from the Quiz Master based on the theme of the written speech. A specific number of contestants will be selected.

  On the second day, the selected contestants will deliver their prepared speech of five (5)-minutes. After that (3) contestants will be selected for the final round. In the final round, each contestant will present a five (5) minute prepared speech, a two (2) minute impromptu speech followed by a Question and Answer Session. Two questions will be asked based on the theme of the written and impromptu speech as in the preliminary round. The above guidelines may be amended with the approval ot the Secretariat.

  Scoring criteria for the speech competition:
  Content (50%)
  Speech Development: The contestant should know the material thoroughly and organize the ideas in sequence so that the audience can understand what they are saying. The speech should have a purpose and it should have identifiable introduction, body and conclusion. A good speech attracts the audience's attention and moves on with smoothness towards the conclusion.

  The speech should be supported by relevant examples, facts and figures. They should give proper credits to the sources of their information.

  Effectiveness: The contestant must deliver his/her speech as effectively as possible. The contestant should consider how he/ she can relate to the audience. The contestant must try to convince the audience of the soundness of his/her arguments. The contestant must win over the audience and the judges to his/ her side. Speech value: The speech should be meaningful and authentic to the audience. The listeners should feel satisfied after listening to the speech.

  Delivery (30%) Physical appearance: The contestant must dress appropriately. He/ she must exhibit confidence so as to deliver an effective speech. The body language should strengthen the speech, demonstrating different facial expressions, gestures and body positioning.

  Voice: While delivering the speech, the voice should be flexible, easy to move from one pitch to another. The voice should be clear, so that the words can be easily understood.

  Manner of Delivery: This will indirectly reveal the true state of the speaker. The speaker should speak with confidence and must show interest in his/ her audience.

  Language (20%) Appropriateness refers to the choice of words that is related to the purpose of the speech. The language should give a clear picture of the thoughts being expressed. Correctness of the language refers to the proper usage of the grammar and correct pronunciation of the words.
Requirements       The requirements for students to be nominated from AUAP member institution are listed below:
  (a) Must pay the international and domestic air ticket, personal expenses and insurance during
their stay.
  (b) Organizer: Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) and host member.
  (c) Co-organizer: To be specified by AUAP and host member.
  (d) Sponsor: To be invited by host member.
  (e) Competition Date: To be announced by AUAP.
  (f) Venue: To be announced by AUAP.
  (g) Qualifications: Officially enrolled students from participating colleges and universities which are
active members of AUAP.
  (h) an introduction of each contestant
  (i) Submit one (1) picture.
Registration       1. Fill the registration form on the AUAP website.
  2. The registration deadline is to be announced by AUAP. Late registration will NOT be considered.
  3. The registration fee will cover the accommodation, meals, local transportation, tours, pick up and
send off from and to the airport exclude the visa, health and accident insurance, and personnel
  4. The registration packet form shall be submitted to AUAP through
  E-mail at, with the following items:
  5. registration form: completing a registration form, having the form affixed with the official
  6. school seal, and scanning the completed form and saving it as a .jpg file;
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