Purpose       To set forth the policies and procedures on the appointment of a Goodwill Ambassador (GA) of AUAP.
Implementing Guidelines       1. The President on behalf of the Board selects a person of great stature from a member
institution in good standing of the AUAP as Goodwill Ambassador.
  2. The term is for two years and renewable.
  3. The purpose and functions of the GA are indicated below;
(a) An AUAP Goodwill Ambassador is an individual nominated by an AUAP member,
who is ready to devote his/ her time and efforts for the development of the
(b) The GA must be willing to use his/ her personal resources in discharging the
duties of a Goodwill Ambassador.
  4. The responsibilities of the AUAP Goodwill Ambassador are as follows:
(a) Promote the good work and image of the AUAP,
(b) Promote the organization’s public awareness programme and disseminate
information on issues related to the projects of the organization,
(c) Spread the AUAP ideals and attract new members,
(d) Work closely with the AUAP President and the Secretariat and present regular
report to the organization,
(e) Travel and promote international friendship missions on behalf of the association,
(f) Must represent the association at international meetings, conferences and also
attend all AUAP functions approved by the President.
Upcoming events
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