Purpose       To set forth the policies and procedures on the conduct of AUAP Annual Conference. (AC))
Implementing Guidelines       (a) The President on behalf of the Board selects an institution from among the members of the
institutions as host of the Annual Conference.
  (b) The date, venue and expected number of participants are decided by the Secretariat based
on the recommendation of the host institution.

  (c) The conduct of the Annual Conference (AC) are held twice a year. Members are encouraged to
submit proposals expressing their intentions to host the AUAP Annual Conference.
  (d) Co-organizer: To be specified by AUAP and host member.
  (e) Sponsor: To be invited by host member.
  (f) Competition Date: To be announced by AUAP.
  (g) Venue: To be announced by AUAP.
  (h) Participants: Officials, staff and students enrolled from participating member colleges and
Registration       (a) Fill up the registration form on the AUAP website.
  (b) The registration deadline is to be announced by AUAP. Late registration will NOT be
  (c) The registration fee will cover meals, local transportation, materials during the AC, tours,
pick up and send off from and to the airport only.
  (d) The registration form shall be submitted to AUAP through
E-mail at
Upcoming events
  • AUAP Upcoming Events
    • Members willing to advertise their activities should submit content of one paragraph with 3-4 pictures to the Secretariat on or before 5th of each month For more information please contact email: or