Advisory Council Meeting

The 1st Advisory Council Meeting20-Feb-200620-Feb-2006BangkokThailand
The 2nd Advisory Council Meeting22-Jul-200622-Jul-2006BangkokThailand
The 3rd Advisory Council Meeting25-Apr-200725-Apr-2007BangkokThailand
The 4th Advisory Council Meeting31-Oct-200731-Oct-2007BangkokThailand
The 7th Advisory Council Meeting20-Mar-200820-Mar-2008BangkokThailand
The 5th Advisory Council Meeting24-Mar-200824-Mar-2008BangkokThailand
The 6th Advisory Council Meeting17-Oct-200817-Oct-2008BangkokThailand
The 8thAdvisory Council Meeting18-May-200918-May-2009Siam University, BangkokThailand
The 9th Advisory Council Meeting12-Nov-200912-Nov-2009BangkokThailand
The 10th Advisory Council Meeting29-Nov-201029-Nov-2010Suranaree University of Technology Front Office at Phayathai Plaza Building, BangkokThailand
The11th Advisory Council Meeting26-Nov-201126-Nov-2011Siam City Hotel, BangkokThailand
The13th Advisory Council Meeting26-Apr-201226-Apr-2012Siam City Hotel, BangkokThailand
The14th Advisory Council Meeting20-May-201320-May-2013Sukosol Hotel, BangkokThailand
The15th Advisory Council Meeting7-Nov-20137-Nov-2013University of New Castle, NewcastleAustralia
The16th Advisory Council Meeting28-May-201428-May-2014Sias International University, Zhengzhou P.R China
The17th Advisory Council Meeting14-Nov-201414-Nov-2014University of Tehran, TehranIran
The18th Advisory Council Meeting4-Dec-20154-Dec-2015I-Shou UniversityTaiwan

Board Meeting

The 21st AUAP Board Meeting09-Mar-200609-Mar-2006Angles CityPhilippines
The 22nd AUAP Board Meeting22-Oct-200622-Oct-2006UOM, Macao SAR, ChinaP.R, China
The 23rd AUAP Board Meeting26-Jul-200726-Jul-2007Suranaree University of Technology, Nakhon RatchasimaThailand
The 24th AUAP Board Meeting29-May-200829-May-2008FEU, ManilaPhilippines
The 25th AUAP Board Meeting07-Nov-200807-Nov-2008AIUB, DhakaBangladesh
The 26th AUAP Board Meeting18-Jul-200918-Jul-2009Siam University, BangkokThailand
The 27th AUAP Board Meeting08-Dec-200908-Dec-2009Universiti Kebangsaan MalaysiaMalaysia
The 28th AUAP Board Meeting28-May-201028-May-2010SIAS, Zhengzhou, Henan,P.R China
The 30th AUAP Board Meeting17-Jul-201118-Jul-2011Daegu Health College, Daegu, KoreaKorea
The 31th AUAP Board Meeting06-Nov-201106-Nov-2011Sias International University, Zhengzhou, ChinaP.R. China
The 32nd AUAP Board Meeting04-May-201205-May-2012Hanoi University of Agriculture, HanoiVietnam
The 33rd AUAP Board Meeting05-Dec-201205-Dec-2012Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaMalaysia
The 34th AUAP Board Meeting20-May-201320-May-2013Sukosol Hotel, BangkokThailand
The 35th AUAP Board Meeting7-Nov-20137-Nov-2013University of New Castle, NewcastleAustralia
The 36th AUAP Board Meeting28-May-201428-May-2014 Sias International University, ZhengzhouP.R. China
The 37th AUAP Board Meeting14-Nov-201414-Nov-2014University of Tehran, TehranIran
The 38th AUAP Board Meeting26-Jul-201526-Jul-2015Suranaree University of Technology, Nakhon RatchasimaThailand
The 39th AUAP Board Meeting4-Dec-20154-Dec-2015I-Shou UniversityTaiwan

General Conference

The 4th AUAP General Conference in China on Quality Higher Education for All in Asia-Pacific: Challenges and Strategies22-Oct-200126-Oct-2001GuiyangP.R. China
The 5th AUAP General Conference on Towards One Asia-Pacific: The Role of Universities in an Age of ICT Revolution08-Oct-200311-Oct-2003Kyung Hee University, SeoulKorea
The 6th AUAP General Conference on Higher Education Leadership: Strategic Relevance for Asia-Pacific Communities04-Sep-200508-Sep-2005SurabayaIndonesia
The 7th General Conference on Towards Asia-Pacific Quality Assurance and Accreditation Higher Education20-Oct-200622-Oct-2006UOM, Macao SAR, ChinaP.R, China
The 8th General Conference AIUB - AUAP Conference on GUI (Government-University-Industry) Partnerships for Innovation hosted by American International University-Bangladesh07-Nov-200808-Nov-2008AIUB, DhakaBangladesh
The 9th AUAP-UKM General Conference on Unlocking the Wealth of Universities: Academic Entrepreneurship04-Dec-201206-Dec-2012Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaMalaysia
The 10th AUAP-UT General Conference on “Asian –Pacific Sustainable Development Through Entrepreneurial Empowered Knowledge Sharing”15-Nov-201417-Nov-2014University of Tehran, Tehran, IranIran

International Conference

The 1st AUAP International Conference
Regional Colloquium on Engineering and Technology Education for the 21st Century
11-Feb-199714-Feb-1997Suranaree University of Technology, Nakhon RatchasimaThailand
The 2nd AUAP International Conference
AUAP-Bunkyo University International Conference: Globalization and Multimedia in Higher Education in the 21st Century
10-Apr-199712-Apr-1997Shinagawa Prince Hotel, TokyoJapan
The 3rd AUAP International Conference
Regional Conference on Higher Education
The 4th AUAP International Conference
Regional Conference on Science and Technology Education: Facing Challenges of the New Millennium-Issues, Trends, Policies and Strategies
15-dec-199716-dec-1997UTM Campus, Kuala LumpurMalaysia
The 5th AUAP International Conference
AUAP Executive Committee Strategic Planning Session
10-Dec-200010-Dec-2000Angeles CityPhilippines
The 6th AUAP International Conference
The 12th World Conference on Cooperative Education
25-Jul-200127-Jul-2001SUT, Nakhon RatchasimaThailand
The 7th AUAP International Conference
AUAP-EUA Eurasian Dialogue of University Presidents
The 8th AUAP International Conference
International Conference on ICT in Higher Education for the New Century
The 9th AUAP International Conference
International Workshop on China??s Entry into WTO: China-ASEAN Challenges and Areas of Cooperation (in cooperation with ASEAN Foundation, Indonesia; Asian Institute of Management, Philippines; and Sia
The 10th AUAP International Conference
ASEAN Student Leader??s Summit 2002 (in cooperation with National Youth Commission, Philippines; ASEAN Foundation, Indonesia; and Angeles University, Philippines
11-Dec-200214-Dec-2002Angeles University, Angeles CityPhilippines
The 11th AUAP International Conference
International Conference on ICT and Higher Education for the New Economy: Building a Sustainable Knowledge Society (in cooperation with the Southeast Asia Sector of the IAUP and SU, Thailand
21-Apr-200323-Apr-2003Siam UniversityThailand
The 12th AUAP International Conference
University Autonomy: Making it Work (in cooperation with Ministry of University Affairs, Thailand; Council of Presidents of State Autonomous Universities, Thailand; Regional Center for Higher Education and Development and ASEAN Foundation, Indonesia
29-Jul-200331-Jul-2003Suranaree University of Technology, Nakhon RatchasimaThailand
The 13th AUAP International Conference
Seminar Workshop of Directors of University Centers for International Relation/Affairs
25-Aug-200326-Aug-2003Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Campus, Phuket,Thailand
The 14th AUAP International Conference
International Conference on Herbal and Traditional Eastern Medicine: an Alternative and Integrative Medicine
29-Mar-200431-Mar-2004UOM, Macao SAR, ChinaP.R, China
The 15th AUAP International Conference
International Conference on Globalization and Higher Education
16-May-200424-May-2004GuiyangP.R, China
The 16th AUAP International Conference
International Conference on Towards Mutual Recognition: Education Renchmarking and Quality Assurance
16-Nov-200419-Nov-2004Hua Hin, Prajuab KirikhanThailand
The 17th AUAP International Conference
International Conference on Quality Assurance Challenges in Higher Education
The 18th AUAP International Conference
Regional Strategy Workshop for the DESD in Asia-Pacific (in cooperation with UNESCO)
The 19th AUAP International Conference
The 2005 XIV Triennial Conference The Challenge of Globalization and the Role of Higher Education (in cooperation with the International Association of University Presidents-IAUP
10-Jul-200515-Jul-2005Bangkok and PattayaThailand
The 20th AUAP International Conference
International Conference on the theme Global Perspective in Higher Education hosted by Guizhou University
18-May-200720-May-2007Guizhou UniversityP.R, China
The 21th AUAP International Conference
Workshop on The Development of Parameters in Measuring for Quality Assurance of Higher Education Institutes
30-May-200731-May-2007AIUB, DhakaBangladesh
The 22th AUAP International Conference
SUT-AUAP International Conference on University-Industry-Government Tripartite Cooperation in Higher Education in Asia and the Pacific Region
26-Jul-200728-Jul-2007Suranaree University of Technology, Nakhon RatchasimaThailand
The 23th AUAP International Conference
The 6th International Conference on ICT and Higher Education
03-Nov-200704-Nov-2007Siam University, BangkokThailand
The 24th AUAP International Conference
ASEAN Rector/ Presidents Summit on Higher Education and the Attainment of Millennium Goals
21-Dec-200721-Dec-2007AUF, Angeles cityPhilippines
The 25th AUAP International Conference
The 7th International Conference on ICT and Knowledge Engineering
24-Nov-200828-Nov-2008Siam University, BangkokThailand
The 26th AUAP International Conference
The 8th International Conference on ICT and Knowledge Engineering
01-Dec-200903-Dec-2009Siam University, BangkokThailand
The 27th AUAP International Conference
AUAP-DHC Conference on: Transnational Education: Strategies, Gains and Concerns, Daegu Health College, Daegu, Korea
17-Jul-201118-Jul-2011Daegu Health College, Daegu, KoreaKorea
The 28th AUAP International Conference
International Conference "IAUP/AUAP Internationalization of Higher Education Forum"
24-Sep-201226-Sep-2012Henan UniversityP.R. China
The 29th AUAP International Conference
SIAS-IAUP Semi-Annual Meeting on Innovation
23-Sep-201325-Sep-2013Sais International University, Xinzheng, Henan ProvinceP.R. China
The 30th AUAP International Conference
AUAP-SUT International Conference
26-July-201528-July-2015Suranaree University of Technology, Nakhon RatchsimaThailand
The 31th AUAP International Conference
AUAP-NUL International Conference
11-Mar-201613-Mar-2016SNational University of Laos, Luang Prabang City, Lao People's Democratic Republic Laos
The 32th AUAP International Conference
AUAP-COMU International Conference
11-May-201614-May-2016Canakale Onsekiz Mart Universit, Canakale CityTurkey

Learning and Sharing

The 2nd AUAP Learning and Sharing Forum: Responding to the Challenges of Global Education22-Jun-199722-Jun-1997Angeles University, PampangaPhilippines
The 6th AUAP Learning and Sharing Forum on Dialogue among Civilizations through Higher Education22-Apr-200224-Apr-2002Tehran University, TehranIran
The 8th AUAP Learning and Sharing Forum on Implementing University Partnership: Through Productive Communications for Academic Excellence14-May-200215-May-2002BaliIndonesia
The 9th AUAP Learning and Sharing Forum on Internationalization of Higher Learning Concepts, Opportunities, Challenges, Benefits and Issues23-Sep-200227-Sep-2002ZhengzhouP.R. China
The 10th AUAP Learning and Sharing Forum on Quality Assurance and Accreditation10-Mar-200610-Mar-2006Angles CityPhilippines
The 11th Learning and Sharing Forum: Internationalization of Higher Education : Strategies, Concerns27-May-201028-May-2010SIAS, Zhengzhou, Henan,P.R, China
The 12th Learning and Sharing Forum "The ASEAN-2015 Integration and The Roles of University"03-May-201204-May-2012Hanoi University of Agriculture, HanoiVietnam
The 13th Learning and Sharing Forum “Innovating Together – Collaboration in Transnational Education and Research”06-Nov-201307-Nov-2013University of New Castle, NewcastleAustralia

AUAP Global Leadership Program ( Year 2014-2024)

The 1st AUAP-SIAS Global Leadership Program5-May-201424-May-2014Sias International University, Zhengzhou CityP.R. China
The 2nd AUAP-DHC Global Leadership Program9-Aug-201520-Aug-2015Daegul Health College, Daegu CitySouth Korea
The 3rd AUAP-UKM Global Leadership Programyear 2016year 2016Universiti Kebangsaan, Kuala LumpurMalaysia
The 4th AUAP-DU Global Leadership Programyear 2017year 2017Danubius University, Galati CityRomania
The 5th AUAP-UMY Global Leadership Programyear 2018year 2018Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta CityIndonesia
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