SHAPE : The shape of the new AUAP LOGO symbolizes the Lotus flower which is popular to almost all countries in Asia and the Pacific region. The shape also signifies two hands of a person opening up trying to catch this case knowledge for progress.

RED : The Red color stands for strong leadership of the AUAP in attaining unity for progress of all the members.

GREEN : The Green color stands for purity of intention of all AUAP members to be united for attaining progress.

YELLOW : The Yellow color signifies service to the community that AUAP serves.

        BACKGROUND : The background colors Blue and Black stands for boldness of purpose of AUAP in attaining its dreams for all its members.
Upcoming events
  • AUAP Upcoming Events
    • Members willing to advertise their activities should submit content of one paragraph with 3-4 pictures to the Secretariat on or before 5th of each month For more information please contact email: or